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Nurses in the Twin Cities and Twin Ports are going on strike to fight for fair contracts that put Patients Before Profits!

Share Your Patient Story

Have you received a surprise medical bill, or felt firsthand the impact of understaffing? Did your hospital take part of your tax refund?* Do you have a procedure coming up where you are concerned you may be understaffed or overcharged? Write and share how you see hospital executives putting profits before patients.  

Donate to the Nurse Strike Fund

Show your support for MNA nurses. You can donate to MNA’s strike fund at the link below or mail a check to:

Minnesota Nurses Association
Attn: Strike Fund
345 Randolph Ave, Suite 200
Saint Paul, MN 55102

Learn how Minnesota hospitals are putting profits before patients.

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Stand with nurses! Change your social media profile pictures to the one below in support of nurses who are bargaining to put patients before the profits of hospital CEOs. Then ask your friends to do the same!

Support Nurses, Sign the Petition!

Right now, nurses are overworked, patients are overcharged, and hospitals are understaffed by CEOs making millions with their focus on the bottom line. Hospital CEOs’ corporate healthcare policies are driving nurses away from the bedside, driving up costs and medical debt for patients, and driving closures of hospitals and clinics across our state.  

Now 15,000 nurses in the Twin Cities and Twin Ports are negotiating new contracts, seeking changes to address the crisis executives created in our hospitals and to put patients before profits.  

I stand with nurses and call on the executives and board members of Twin Cities and Twin Ports hospitals to agree to contracts that put patient care and safety first in our hospitals.